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Third cluster conclave (25th -26th September 2011)

After two consecutive years of organizing the traditional exhibition styled buyer-seller meet under the flagship name 'Cluster Conclave' in the third year it was decided to organize the same program under a more market driven name 'Buyer Seller Meet'. The decision was conscious as the stakeholders were targeted to understand the core reason of the program. Up to that point is where concept borrowing ends. The program was divided into two main parts; the physical part (look, touch, feel) and the business part (products, brand, packaging, target customers). But both the parts were blended together with the all-encompassing concept of social touch to every ones lives. The program was inaugurated by Mr. B. P. Mukteih, CMD, NEDFi. The special attraction of this conclave was a range of 100% natural silk products from Eri Silk Clusters in Meghalaya and Assam. The products from both these clusters did not have any chemical components in them. Right from the dyes which were prepared using vegetables, flowers, etc to the silk which was derived from cocoons fed on leaves of plants grown without any fertilizers. Along with the above in the Silk Section and complementing the fabrics were some exclusive designer garments and dress materials made by the best weavers in the clusters.

List of Clusters participating in the Third Cluster Conclave

Silk Products
  1. Imphal Handloom Cluster, Manipur
  2. Pyranga Eri Silk Cluster, Assam
  3. Umden Eri Silk Cluster, Meghalaya
Handloom Product
  1. Dhamdhama Cluster, Assam
  2. Sipajhar Cluster, Assam
  3. Kaziranga RBH, Assam
  4. ONGC-NSTFDC Project, Assam
Jewellery Product
  1. Strawberry RBH, Meghalaya
  2. Greater Imphal Cluster, Manipur
  3. Rantholi Cluster, Assam
Handicraft Product
  1. Khangabok Kouna Cluster, Manipur
  2. Wood Carpentry Cluster, Mizoram
  3. Bamboo Cluster, Bairabi, Mizoram
  4. Bamboo Cluster, Seling, Mizoram
  5. Terracotta Cluster, Assam

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