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Skill Development

The entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme (ESDP), a national level skill development programme, promoted by the Ministry of MSME, GoI, is a flagship programme of the Ministry of MSME and is being implemented in the entire country. The IIE being the nodal agency for conducting ESDPs in the North Eastern Region, this programme is being implemented in different parts of the region including the RRC clusters. ESDPs are being conducted in the RRC clusters in order to upgrade the existing skill level of the artisans. In all the Entrepreneurship cum Skill Development Programmes (ESDPs) implemented by IIE, need based ESDP's were organized. This helped in further skilling up the artisans and also bringing new artisans into the fold of the cluster. Each of the ESDPs consists of 30 participants from the cluster (mostly the artisans and craftsmen). In most of the clusters, initiatives have been adopted to introduce new skills and techniques so as to enable the artisans to produce market driven products and also to enhance the quality of the existing products. Entrepreneurship education and motivation are also an integral part of these programmes and are being imparted to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youths. These programmes have been successful in creating positive impact by providing gainful employment and enhancing the skill level of the artisans in the cluster.

Some of the clusters where ESDPs are being conducted are: Dhamdhama Handloom Cluster, Nalbari, Assam: Besides upgradation of the existing skill level, the participants of the training programme are also being introduced to new skills like tailoring and stitching.

Sipajhar Handloom Cluster, Darrang, Assam: The artisans in the Sipajhar Handloom Cluster have been introduced to weaving using the jacquard machine for the first time in their lives. Pre-loom activity on warping drum has also been introduced.

Umden Eri Cluster, Meghalaya: Umden Eri Cluster is famous for naturally dyed eri yarn. In order to upgrade the existing skill level of artisans and also to improve the quality of the dye, ESDP on natural dye was organized. The cluster now has a total of 27 different colours. It has only 5 prior interventions.

Baktwang Wood Carpentry Cluster, Mizoram: The ESDP on Baktwang Wood Carpentry Cluster has been organized to upgrade the existing skill level of the artisans.

Bogulamari Jute Cluster, Dhubri, Assam: In order to produce improved quality of products in a lesser time, the artisans of the cluster for the first time in their lives have been introduced to mechanize stitching of jute bags in the ESDP programme that is being organized in the cluster.

Bairabi Bamboo Cluster, Mizoram: The Bairabi Bamboo Cluster only produced raw agarbatti sticks earlier. But after through the ESDP programmes training of value added Handicraft product was introduced.

Tawang Carpet Making Cluster, Arunachal Pradesh: ESDP has been conducted to cover new artisans under the Cluster Development Programme.

Okhrey Carpet Making Cluster, Sikkim: With the aim of increasing the number of cluster artisans under the Cluster Development Programme skill development training programme was introduced in the cluster.

Greater Imphal Jewellery Cluster, Manipur:Making alternative form of jewellery with cheaper and waste materials of brass and copper was the focal point of ESDP on jewellery at the Greater Imphal Jewellery Cluster.

Cashew Nut Processing Cluster, Selsella block, West Garo Hills: With the aim of increasing skilled manpower to process raw Cashew Nut in the Selsella Block, Skill Development Training Programme on Cashew Nut processing was introduced to the Cluster.

Besides the above clusters, the ESDPs were also conducted by RRC in various ongoing clusters.