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Okhrey Carpet Making Cluster, West Sikkim

Okhrey, a beautiful range situated in West District of Sikkim famous for the Rhododendron sanctuary has got special point of attraction for tourist both domestic & international every year. Okhrey is known to be the Potato belt of Sikkim, a cool place almost 8800 feet elevated from mean sea level.

Looking at the congestion of tiny Carpet making units in the Household level and concentration of artisans/weavers having inherited traditional artistic skills to weave carpet, Okhrey Carpet Making cluster is identified to be potential cluster of locational importance from two point of view –

Empowerment & capacity building of local level Artisans/Weavers for better economies of scale in commercial production of carpets, thereby improving their standard of living condition.
Transformation and standardized hitherto free-time income generating activity to sustainable business operation with competitive strength & edge.

Geographical Location Under the Daramdin Constituency in West District of Sikkim, the Okhrey Carpet Making Cluster is located at a distance of 155 km from the State capital Gangtok town and 55 km from District Industries Centre, Jorethang, South Sikkim. Okhrey Carpet Making Cluster comprises of 3 villages within a radius of 3 to 5 kms. The cluster villages are Okhrey, Pureytar and Ribdi.

Cluster Location Map: Sikkim

Artisans' Segmentation Altogether, total 106 women artisans/weavers have been active in Carpet making and knitting works from 3 cluster villages namely Okhrey, Pureytar and Ribdi. Okhrey village is seen to have largest penetration of artisans/weavers among the other 2 (two) cluster villages. Availability statistics of artisans can be drawn below for all the 106 artisans in the Cluster and for 67 Carpet making weavers-


In this aspect, 67 artisans are presently engaged with Carpet weaving activity in their free-time besides helping their family in Agricultural activity. Moreover 36 artisans are running home-based tiny units for carpet weaving with traditional wooden loom.

Product profile & specification The main products of the Cluster are Floor carpet and carpet for sofa-set with specifications 6'X3' and 5'X2', 2'X2' and 2'X2' respectively. The production of these products depends on the availability of the loom at their home based units. Apart from this Side Bags, Muffler, Cushion, Caps, Ladies Purse, Sweater, Shocks are also being produced the Artisan of Okhrey Carpet Making cluster.

Products Specification
  • Floor Carpet
  • 6'X3'
  • Sofa Carpet
  • 5'X2', 2'X2' and 2'X2'

Raw-materials The major requirement of Carpet produces is Woolen yarn and cotton yarn in appropriate mixing proportion. Dyed Yarn with required color combination is procured individually by the Artisans from the nearby Market like Sombaria, Gangtok, Jorethang, Siliguri etc.

Market Products of the cluster are marketed among the local customers available in the nearby markets like Sombaria, Jorethang, Kalingpong, Gangtok etc. Major constituent of the Markets are seen to be general Households and Tour operators. As far as artisans' own production of carpets is concerned, they target to sell the products to the Customers belongs to low-to-medium income segment. Exhibition is one of the mode of marketing their produce under the aegis of Handloom & Handicraft specific supportive Institutions present within and nearby the Cluster area.