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Objective of Cluster Conclave

Cluster Conclave A unique initiative for marketing and Buyer-Seller Meet Realising the need for providing market support to the clusters, an initiative was taken up by the Regional Resource Centre on cluster development to create a platform enabling direct interaction between clusters artisans and different prospective buyers. An event named 'Clusters Conclave' was first organised in the year 2009 and this event became an annual event being regularly organised by RRC.

Objectives of Cluster Conclave

  • Bring the cluster stakeholders in contact with buyers from different industries so that possible tie ups can be identified and arranged
  • Showcase the products of various clusters and get a market feedback
  • To bridge the gap between two sides – demand & supply

List of Cluster Conclaves:

  1. First Cluster Conclave (28th – 29th January 2009)
  2. Second Cluster Conclave (18th - 19th August 2010)
  3. Third cluster conclave (25th - 26th September 2011)
  4. Fourth cluster conclave (8th - 9th April 2013)
  5. Fifth Cluster Conclave (27th December 2013 – 5th January 2014)