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Bamboo Incense Stick Making Cluster, Kakopathar

The State of Assam and especially the Kakopathar region is slowly being recognised as a pioneer in the activity of Incense Stick manufacturing in India. The region has a natural reserve of forest products especially bamboo, which provide for the base material used in production. Due to the simple manufacturing process and a huge market potential, there are a large number of producers existing in the market. All the people of the villages from the age group 15-60 are engaged in this activity.

Sarumassai, the central point of the activities is located around 42 Kms away from Tinsukia Town, Situated approximately 42 km from Tinsukia Town and 220 KM from the state capital Guwahati.The Kakopathar area is known for its rice production, a large area comprises of four community development blocks of Tinsukia. The indicated area where the activities on production of handmade bamboo square incense sticks going on, falls in Sadiya & Margherita LAC of Tinsukia district.

The only raw material required for stick making is Bamboo (Jati) which is available is entire NE region and locally available in the area and every Household having such bamboo, as on date appears to be abundant and in future there may be shortage due to excessive exploitation. Price of bamboo per pole basis is Rs. 60-65 depending upon the Size and length of the pole.

Products of Cluster: In Kakopathar manual incense square sticks is produced by the villagers. This sticks are used for Agarbatti making.