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Fourth cluster conclave (8th -9th April 2013)

The RRC of IIE again organised the two-day cluster conclave in the IIE campus on April 8 & 9, 2013. This two day long cluster conclave was inaugurated by the Commissioner and Secretary, Department of Tourism, Government of Assam.

Apart from selling and getting direct market linkage, cluster artisans participating in the two-day meet representing the different clusters put forth a few observations

  1. The representatives from the Pyranga Eri cluster, Boko Assam expressed their interest in using the natural dyes from the Umden Eri cluster, Meghalaya to diversify their Eri products further to cater to market demand and thereby being able to supply demand based products in the market.
  2. The representing artisans from the Rontholi Jewellery Cluster Nagaon, Assam viewed that fusion jewelleries made with the help of the Imphal Jewellery cluster, Manipur could help them capture a new segment of buyers in the market.
  3. The artisans from the Asharikandi Terracotta cluster expressed that they could use bamboo & Rabha Textile designs in their terracotta products. Artisans from the terracotta cluster were thus contemplating modernisation of their products by mix-matching new raw material.
  4. The representative from The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED) interacted with the cluster artisans. TRIFED expressed its willingness to extend its help to the different clusters in the distribution and marketing of their products. The procedure for the registration of all ST artisans of the clusters through the TRIFED to avail all benefits was initiated.
  5. Artisans from the Hapania Jute Custer from Tripura were happy to share that by changing the product design & colour of the cluster products and also by expanding product variety, the cluster artisans are earning more profit today.

Besides the above, when a few tribal artisans participated in the Adi Shilp Mela organised by TRIFED in Delhi Haat, a buyer seller meet for the clusters was organised at Delhi Haat in January 2013.

A total of 15 clusters (14 MSE-CDP clusters and one DC-Handloom cluster) participated in the cluster conclave. The participating clusters are stated below.

List of Clusters participating in the Third Cluster Conclave

  1. Pyranga Eri Cluster
  2. Dhamdhama Eri Cluster
  3. Sipajhar Handloom Cluster
  4. Asharikandi Terracotta Cluster
  5. Rontholi Jewellery Cluster
  1. Umden Eri Cluster
Arunachal Pradesh
  1. Dirang Food Processing Cluster
  2. Tawang Carpet Making Cluster
  1. Hapania Jute Cluster
  1. Khangabok Kouna Cluster
  2. Greater Imphal Jewellery Cluster
  3. Handloom Cluster, Imphal
  1. Okhrey Carpet Making Cluster
  1. Seling Bamboo Cluster
  2. Bhairabi Bamboo Cluster

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