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Dhamdhama Handloom Cluster, Nalbari, Assam

The cluster is stretched 34 Km away from the Nalbari Town. There are four villages under dhamdhama handloom cluster namely Shantipur, Angardhowa, Uttar Barshiral and Mohina. Shantipur, Angardhowa and Uttar Barshiral come under newly formed Baksa district and Mohina comes under Nalbari dist.

In this cluster one would find the traditional skill coming alive with the zeal to renovate almost all handloom goods. Various handloom products like Gamosa, Pat Mekhala Chadar, Muga Mekhala Chadar, and Cotton Mekhala Chadar are an integral part of the people's culture and tradition. Therefore, one finds that people are engrossed in weaving and producing various clothing which holds traditional importance and also has casual market taste. Handloom activities therefore are associated with the people's daily life as an income generating source and have become an identity for them. There are about 300 weavers with dubi machines and 700 weavers without dubi machines producing various handloom products in the cluster. It is observed that in this cluster the cluster product range produced are nine (9) in numbers including the traditionally woven and the blended yarn woven types. The blended woven are lighter, cheaper than the traditional ones and are more in demand. It is also notable that 155 units are involved in the production of Gamosas, Anaikata Gamosas, Masraj Chador Mekhela ,Cotton Mekhela Chadar and the rest 75 units are involved in the production of Muga Mekhela Chadar, Pat Mekhela Chadar, Muga+ Tassar mekhela chadar and Cotton+ Polyester Mekhela Chadar respectively in the cluster.