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Cane & Bamboo Cluster, Dimapur

IIEs cluster initiative started with the adoption of the Cane & Bamboo cluster in Dimapur in January 2005. This cluster is natural cluster, which owes its origin to the inherent skills of the Naga people in bamboo and wood curving which was put to use to make articles of daily use. The art of curving wood is as old as the history of Nagas. The art of weaving baskets came naturally to the Nagas as they started to meet their demand for domestic articles with the most readily available resources in their forests, bamboo and cane. Basketry is carried out in almost every village of the state and designs of the baskets often distinguish the village of its origin as well as the tribe of the weaver. Besides basketry the artisans of the state have also started making furniture and a wide variety of decorative items.

These exceptionally talented artisans of Nagaland were unable to come to the limelight due to various factors and limitations. To bring these artisans to the forefront IIE undertook this natural artisan cluster of Dimapur. This cluster is located 75 kms away from kohima, state capital of Nagaland and at the time of intervention this cluster comprises of 63 cluster actors. During the period of intervention, various training relating to product and design development were provided through expert service providers from IIT. With the objective of providing market exposure various exhibition were organized. In addition IIE also facilitated their participation in various fairs and exhibitions throughout the country. Other intervention like bank liaison and technological inputs were provided to the cluster actors for capacity enhancement.

The artisans of this cluster has been traditionally engaged in producing bamboo Cup, bamboo Trays, wooden spoons with cane finishing, wooden plates, cane baskets, head gear with bamboo and cane, decorative items, traditional Daos with bamboo handle, bamboo furniture, bamboo jewellery boxes etc.