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Baktwang Carpentry Cluster, Mizoram

Baktwang Carpentry cluster is located in the Serchhip district of Mizoram and is 70 Kms away from the state headquarter, Aizwal. The main products of this cluster include door panels, Ventilation frames, dining table, Bed, cupboard, Door/window frames. etc. The cluster comprises of about 100 industrial units which are mostly family unit. The people of the cluster are well known for their hard work, sincerity and honest dedication to work. Even though the carpentry cluster can be traced back way back in the early 1970's they have never been exposed to formal trainings or have received any helped from the Government or other sources, the carpenters of this cluster has been blessed with talents such that designs of the furniture has been a showcase of their God given talent. Another amazing fact about this cluster is that over the years , in spite of their outdated tools and machines they have been to command a major portion of the market share on doors, windows and other household furniture's in Mizoram. Both adult men and women share the workload in the wood carpentry sector, not so often seen in other parts of India.